500th anniversary celebrations (Quincentennials) come rarely, but in three years, 2017, we will celebrate the quincentennial anniversary of Protestantism: a movement which began on 31 October 1517 when Luther “posted” his ninety-five theses, written in Latin, on the door of Castle Church of Wittenberg.


There has been some debate as to whether Luther “nailed” or “mailed” these 95 theses. The truth is he did both. The same day he “nailed” the 95 theses to the church, he “mailed” hand-written copies to his ecclesiastical superiors. But the actual German word Luther used translates best not as “nailed” or “mailed” but as “posted.” 


In the “posting” spirit, we are asking for your help in a crowdsourcing research project we are calling Re-Formation which we hope to make part of the church quincentennial celebration three years from now. Re-Formation will generate a crowdsourced new list of 95 Theses in conjunction with the 500 year anniversary. 

As Martin Luther posted his theses in the public square in Wittenberg, our list would be created and posted in the public square of today… the internet.

Len Sweet & Tom Ingram

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