Crowdsourcing is a way in which the quietest voices are heard and the best ideas rise to the top. It is interactive and collaborative. As such, before we begin to dream together, let’s agree to a few guidelines.

First of all, dream big. This is not a place to dream of a new sailboat or a new motorcycle or of losing twenty pounds, but a place in which we dream big dreams…big dreams that inspire not only a new vision for the future of our church but also inspire like minded individuals to join together to make those dreams a reality.


In life you are usually moving in one of two directions: either toward heaven or away from hell—-toward dreams of hope and nirvanas of advancement, or away from never-agains. The current trend, unfortunately, seems to be in the direction of dreary “aways,” not dreamy “towards.” 

After an Oxbridge summer, where I spent time teaching in both Oxford and Cambridge, I discovered that in British English, “dream” usually connotes a delusion, not a desire that can come true. There are various reasons for these depressants on dreams, but whatever the cause, to stop dreaming and trusting in your passions is to go dead. And humans get deadly when they go dead inside, when they shut themselves down from the future and stop living in the domain of dreams.

God designed us to dream, but these dreams are often screamed into silence by politics. Pilate’s wife dreamed Jesus innocent. But the majority voices of a crowd won out over the minority voice of a dreamer. And so, in a world of harsh political realities, dreams don’t rate highly as default navigational directions…but they should.

If God is our creator and we are made in God’s image, shouldn’t we be imagineers…those who help imprint the image of our creator in the hearts and minds of God’s creation?

What motivates you? What pushes you forward? What are your visions for the future? If you are one of those who have been reluctant to dream, reluctant to imagine a world in which all things are indeed possible, consider this invitation your permission to dream.

                                                                                                    Len Sweet & Tom Ingram

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